Wildcard SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSL certificates eliminate the need to install a separate digital certificate for each subdomain by allowing you to use an unlimited number of subdomains in the certificate. Any site that has a domain that matches *.yourdomain.com (where * can be anything and yourdomain.com is any domain with the wildcard certificate installed on) will be secured by a Wildcard SSL digital certificate. And since Wildcard SSL is a high assurance ssl certificate, it provides a high level of validation to your customers. Wildcards can even be used within multi-domain or Exchange Server certificates (see UCC certificates or EV UCC certificates for more details. Standard wildcard rates apply per wildcard domain as a Subject Alternative Name or SAN)

With a 99.9% acceptance rate of browsers used on the Internet, your website will not get confidence-killing popups that result from untrusted or invalid SSL certificates. These popups scare potential customers away and will result in lost sales. Our vetting process is simple, quick, and secure. With each Wildcard SSL certificate, you are extending industry level validation and encryption technology to each customer and transaction.

SSL is an essential part of almost all electronic transactions involved in transmitting sensitive data such as usernames and passwords, credit card information, patient data and many other types of private material, and SSL is also a key component of PCI-compliance which is mandated for organizations wanting to accept credit card information. High Assurance SSL certificates meet all the criteria above and adds more value.

With each Wildcard SSL certificate you implement, you get the confidence building SSL Secure Smart SeaL, a $125,000 performance guaranty, 24/7 telephone support staff, and unlimited reissuances for the life of the certificate. We even offer a 30-day unconditional refund policy in the event you change your mind about Wildcard SSL on your website. Start building trust and secure your site today with a Wildcard SSL certificate.